1516 signed the agreement to transfer technology of wind turbine to Greenman Group, Malaysia

For the first time in history, Vietnam’s wind turbines have crossed national borders, touching Malaysia’s feet! This is due to the successful signing of a 1516 wind turbine technology transfer agreement for Greenman, Malaysia.


MCM GreenMan Group Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian company focused on designing, building and supplying modular off grid steel frame buildings for various markets. (Affordable / low cost homes, eco resorts, slum building replacement, emergency housing).


The MCM Greenman Modules are based on the GreenMan Tiny Home prototype built by Matthias “GreenMan” Gelber and the GreenMan Tiny Home Prototype Team. This is a compact, simple and convenient housing model; and it is suitable for a variety of low-cost and environmentally friendly uses, both in terms of design, construction and energy systems used.




1516 Cooperates to Supply MCM Greenman Residential Modules with Renewable Energy Systems (Solar / Wind Energy) with Optimized Wind Turbine Technology of the 1516 Green Design.



With the business model is to design and / or integrate sustainable modular off grid homes and buildings, suitable for flat pack style transportation and erection anywhere in the world. Primarily, specially for the market locations are developing countries.

This will enable disadvantaged communities can enjoy a higher quality of life, to have the resources for improved health and take greater advantage of economic opportunities,  which will lead to overall improvement in their circumstances


For the local Indonesia and other SE Asian markets, MCM GreenMan Group are currently in discussions with various stakeholders for low cost housing development projects under the RealChange impact investment programme

This programme provides a strategy for impact investors to not only fund social housing, energy, water and sanitation projects but also to receive market or near-market returns

The objective of this strategy is to tap into the enormous amounts of private sector capital to effect real impact in disadvantage and poor communities, which enables these projects to scale well beyond what is achievable with donor or government funds

MCM GreenMan Group also have opportunities for these types of projects in China, Africa and South Asia (including India and Bangladesh)

We hope that the active partnership between the 1516 and the MCM GreenMan Group brings green housing solutions with renewable energy sources that are environmentally friendly and beneficial to the lives of the community.

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