Education Linking : 1516 Green Design has shared Activities Model to the Australian Students in Hanoi

” Experience education is a shortening way from theory to reality.

Understanding that, 1516 Green Design received the invitation of Transformative Learning Vietnam to participate in a talk about the company’s operating model, is one of four participants to help equip the knowledge and skills of processing Social issues for Australian students in the two weeks practical experience program in Vietnam.

Mr. Tung, a representative of 1516 Green Design, has shared about the company with with the motivation and practical status quo promote to creat products wind turbines for the poor,  which is 600,000 households lacked to the national electricity grid all over Vietnam, the difficulties and the extreme in their day to day life.

Then, the difficulties and challenges the company has gone through to be like today; and how to sustainably develop with the current operating model.

In the Q & A section, 1516 Green Design has received many questions from Australian students about the ways of implementing projects, the principles of product operation, company management and sending to them the satisfactorily replies.

Listening to the sharings, giving comments to other three delegates, 1516 Green Design believes that learning and helping each other is the best way to lead us to success.


The discussion was succeseful with useful informations for Australian students through sharing, discussion and friendly questions between the two sides. At the same time, it contributes to the development of the young generation in Vietnam and internationally to solve the current social problems.

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