LG Social Campus of LG Group in Korea visited 1516 Green Design

LG Social Campus is a platform that LG Electronics-LG Chemical have created for the sustainable growth of social economic organizations. LG Social Campus provides various support such as free or interest-free financing, office space, and other empowerment programs for social enterprises, social ventures, research corporations in the environmental sector.



The visitors to 1516 in Hanoi had about 20 people, including:

LG Group (sponsors):

  • LG Electronics: YOON DAESIK (Managing Director), KIM MINSEOK (Team Manager), KIM YONHHEE
  • LG Chemical: LEE YOUNG JOON (Manager)

The Social Solidarity Bank: KIM YONG TEOK (Principal), KIM SE KWON (Team Manager)

Together with entrepreneurs, social operators in Korea:

  • is the manager, director of the social enterprises named GOOD MIND, PEOPLENCOM, Jerry Bag, Union Kid, SagacSagac, miSociety, Public Design ISM
  • is the representative, principal of research institutes: Korea Urban Ecology Research Institute, research institute for social enterprise (RISE)

with the participation of some other consultants related to the social field.


At the office, we had a meeting about 1516 Green Design‘s wind turbine power projects and projects that have been implemented.

We also share business models for other social enterprises in Korea here.

Everyone has listened intently and has questions and exchanges as well as positive feedback on the products as well as ideas start-up of the company.


The directors and representatives of the organizations expressed their interest in the innovative technology of the 1516 wind turbines produced, and referred to the development of the new product model that we are proceeding.


After the discussion, the everyone came to the study department to find out more about the experimental model of the new version of wind turbines we are heading to develope.


Everyone considers and discusses the new design of this useful renewable energy model.


After that, everyone visited the latest product model of the company. It’s also about wind energy and is on display at another floor of the research lab. Everyone is interested in this model, just heard Mr. Cuong (CEO of 1516) introduced the principle of operation, also has experienced the way rotary turbine and review the design parts.


At the end of the tour, everyone took pictures with Mr. Le Vu Cuong (CEO)  alongside the company’s product model.


Before leaving, the representative of LG Social Campus send some gifts which is about the natural products from social enterprises in LG Social Campus to 1516 company with hope to return soon and invest in mutual development, warming up the friendship between Vietnam – Korean.


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