The conference TBN Asia 2018: wind turbine projects for the poor in Indonesia


1516 Green Design successfully participated in the conference TBN Asia 2018 . The venue is in Jakarta, Indonesia and time is from August 1 to 3, 2018. The conference brought the collaboration opportunities implementation of wind turbine projects for the poor in Indonesia.




There are 500 delegates and 80 exhibitors. 1516 Green Design is one of Vietnamese representative organizations. Throughout the conference, a unique platform was formed which is able to bring together different stakeholders to foster connections to create positive social impact, particularly in Southeast Asia.



TBN Asia 2018 has attracted the attention and interest of many social organizations involved. With the aim is to gather like minded people who contribute their time, talents and treasures to help the poor, marginalize and disabled in Southeast Asia. 



The conference connects the Wind Turbine Project for the Poor of 1516 Green Design to be continued. The project was just in Vietnam. And now it will be implementation in Indonesia and make the better peoples’ lives here.

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