Viet Nam – UNDP: 40 years for Sustainable Development

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) helps empower lives and build resilient nations. UNDP has a global development network in over 166 countries with the main task of advocating innovation and bridging the gap between countries with knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life. 

UNDP's logo
UNDP’s logo

UNDP’s work in Viet Nam, delivered under the One Plan 2012-2016, is today building a better future for the country and its citizens, especially the most vulnerable. Our comparative advantages as a global network and the lead coordinating agency of the UN system, place us in a unique position to help Viet Nam overcome emerging challenges to continue its journey on a sustainable development path.

UNDP in Viet Nam works with the Government to build on the significant poverty reduction and socio-economic development successes of the past two decades and meet the emerging challenges Viet Nam today faces as a new lower middle-income country.

17 sustainable development goals
17 sustainable development goals

Viet Nam now requires best practice, high-quality policy advice on how to respond to a range of acute challenges focussed on Inclusive and Equitable Growth to address widening inequalities and disparities within society, Governance and Participation to promote government accountability, human rights and access to justice along with Sustainable Development to answer emerging climate change and green growth questions.


1516 Green Design's wind turbine for the poor
1516 Green Design’s wind turbine for the poor


Special attention to the Youth startup ecosystem, together with partners UNDP delivered training and a business incubation programme to 270 youth entrepreneurs and innovators throughout the country. Development orientation and support for the idea of creating social impact to sustainable development goals.


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